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Other News

05 August 2010

Mensa's Intelligence Day 2010 to be held in 11 countries - or more! 

05 August 2010

The third European Mensa Annual Gathering - EMAG - in Prague was a tremendous success!  Around 430 participants from 30 countries and four continents enjoyed some 140 activities over five days.

27 July 2010

More than 400 Mensans from four continents will gather in Prague tomorrow (28 July) when the European Mensa Annual Gathering (EMAG) begins.

17 March 2010

International Chairman Willem Bouwens welcomes the new Mensa International website, officially launched on 20 March

09 February 2010

Nominations sought for Mensa Foundation awards

24 November 2017

An International Conference on Giftedness was recently held in Serbia.

01 November 2017

Ranko Rajovic, a former Chairman of Mensa Serbia, was nominated by Mensa International for an international prize.

01 July 2017

Today marks the beginning of a new term of office for MIL's Executive Committee, with newly-elected officers leading Mensa International forward.

29 June 2017

 Montenegro Mensa reaches national status

09 June 2017

Results of the 2017 American Mensa election.

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