British Mensa CEO to speak at global gifted conference

British Mensa CEO to speak at global gifted conference

16 April 2013


British Mensa’s Chief Executive John Stevenage will be speaking at IGGY’s Global & Gifted 2013 annual conference on Thursday 4 July.

The conference, running from 3-5 July 2013 at the University of Warwick, focuses on the use of technology in education. It is an international conference designed to bring together teachers, researchers, specialist organisations and professionals working in the field of gifted youth, and educational technologists.

John Stevenage will be discussing ‘Networking and Mensa’ with other speakers include Stephen Carrick-Davies (former CEO of Childnet International), Csilla Fuszek (Director of the European Talent Center, Budapest) and Ian Warwick (London Gifted and Talented). He is also a founding of the GT Voice network, an independent UK-based network of individuals and organisations united in their support of able, gifted and talented children and young people.

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