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Other News

03 November 2016

 The Logical olympiad competition is held annually in Czechoslovakia for schoolchildren of all ages.

03 November 2016

 Lectures and Workshops on the theme of Gifted Children organised to celebrate Mensa Belgium's 50th anniversary.

22 October 2016

 At the recent IBD meeting in Japan,  Karin Westin Tikkanen was appointed to the post of Editor of the Mensa World Journal.

20 April 2016

Hungarian Lady to Lead Top Brains of the World

04 February 2015

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation named Dr. Joan Freeman of London, England, the recipient of the 2014 International Lifetime Achievement Award.

02 June 2014

 Benjamin Tardif is the new President of Mensa France.


28 May 2014

 Swedish AG this weekend

01 October 2013

Today is the 67th anniversary of the founding of Mensa! Happy birthday to Mensans everywhere!

14 September 2013

The International Board of Directors of Mensa will be descending on Calgary, Canada next week, the venue for its annual meeting.

16 April 2013

British Mensa’s Chief Executive John Stevenage will be speaking at IGGY’s Global & Gifted 2013 annual conference on 4th July in Warwick, UK

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