Mensa in the Media

With members in more than 100 countries, and active groups on every continent except Antarctica, there are always plenty of newsworthy Mensa stories coming to the attention of the local, national, and international press. Our society is pleased and proud to have a globally recognisable name, and the news stories in which Mensa and Mensans have featured over the years are as interesting and diverse as the society itself.

Please feel free to contact our International Communications Officers if you have an interesting new story about Mensa and/or Mensans from your national or local area.


Some news stories will focus on celebrity Mensans, while others will advertise exciting events; some articles will feature young Mensans winning spelling bees or quiz shows, while others will celebrate the important work of the Mensa Foundation and all its partners, helping to promote gifted children’s programmes around the world.

Whichever kind of news item appeals to you, we hope you find the stories below to be interesting, enjoyable, and enlightening.



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