Renowned Members

Mensa is a diverse and colourful community, with members from all walks of life, many of whom make significant contributions to the community.

Some of our members, however, have enjoyed international reputation due to their outstanding achievements.  This is a small sample.  There are many others, and this page will be updated regularly. 


Geena Davis: Academy and Golden Globe award-winning actress, who has starred in The Long Kiss Goodnight, A League of Their Own, Thelma and Louise, and Hero, plus TV shows such as Commander in Chief and of course, The Geena Davis show.

Image source: Wikipedia.

Sir Clive Sinclair is a noted inventor and chairman of British Mensa for 17 years.

Image source: Wikipedia.

Adrian Cronauer, who died in 2018, was a radio presenter and, subsequently, lawyer whose service during the Vietnam War as a Radio and Television Broadcasting Specialist was the basis for the film Good Morning, Vietnam.

Image source: Wikipedia.


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