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Gifted Youth Contest

The Mensa International Gifted Youth Committee is developing a resources repository that can be shared between national Mensa groups.

Thank You and Welcome!

On behalf of the IBD, ExComm, and the worldwide Mensa membership, we would like to express our gratitude to every Mensa appointee and committee member for all their hard work during the last term, which came to an end this month. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Mensa World Journal Poetry Competition

Kate Nacard, Editor of the Mensa World Journal,  reports that the inaugural Mensa World Journal International Poetry Competition 2020 has been an outstanding success!

Results will be published in the December issue of the Mensa World Journal.


2020 Mensa Foundation International Scholarship Winners

The Mensa Foundation is proud to announce its 2020 Mensa International Scholarship Winners:

USD $3,000 International Scholarship - Niki Stypidou from Mensa Greece

USD $1,000 International Scholarship - Simon Hai Yang from Mensa Germany

Mensa Mexico has achieved Full National Status

I can report another wonderful achievement: we will extend the IBD table by one chair. After being a Provisional Mensa for quite a long time, Mensa Mexico has achieved Full National Status!


The results of the election for the four globally-elected officers of Mensa International have been announced.

The Chairman is Bjorn Liljeqvist from Sweden,

Director of Administration: Isabella Holz from Germany;

Results of Election in Mensa Serbia

The Electoral committee of Mensa Serbia has announced the final results of the elections for the new Board of Mensa Serbia.

This is the list of new Board members, for the term starting 1 April 2019.

Aleksandra Borovic (Chairman)

Predrag Djukic

Veljko Karadzic

International Lifetime Achievement Award

Every other year, the Mensa Foundation awards US$1,000 to an outstanding professional who has contributed a lifetime to scholarly pursuits in intelligence, giftedness, or creativity. Nominations are being accepted now.

Nominees need not be members of Mensa.

New board in Croatia

On Saturday 02. February, Mensa Croatia held an extraordinary election as a result of the resignation of the previous chair Marko Šolić.

Members of the new board are:

New Board in Korea

Mensa Korea has announced the results of its election:

Chairman - Heung-kyu Park
Director of Administration - Sung-Gyun Im
Treasurer - Seunghwan Lee
Officer of Publicity - Jae Heon Jeong
Officer of Development - Hyun Jung Kim


East meets West in Shanghai on New Year's Eve, with nearly 200 members from as far afield as Germany, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Indonesia, and more!

Mensa Foundation Awards

The Mensa Foundation is now accepting nominations for the biennial Mensa Foundation Prize, which rewards breakthroughs in the studies of intelligence and creativity.

Serbian Delegation result

A small delegation of Mensans, led by Mensa Serbia's chairwoman, Aleksandra Borovic, visited the Prime Ministeer's Office in Belgrade.An agreement was signed with the Deputy Prime Minister whereby Mensa would be supported in its aims regarding giftedness and education.

Mensa Serbia delegation

A small delegation led by Aleksandra Borovic, Chairwoman of Mensa Serbia, visited the Prime Minister's Office in Belgrade to discuss education, giftedness, and gender equality.

Mensa Serbia holds successful EMAG

The 2018 EMAG held in Belgrade was attended by nearly 600 Mensans, not only from Europe but from Asia, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and more!

Conference on Giftedness

A Conference on Giftedness - Education and Development, was also held in Serbia this month. It was organised by Mensa Serbia, and was attended by approximately 100 people.

Welcome to Argentina

Mensa International welcomes a new Full National Mensa to our table, as Mensa Argentina reaches this important milestone in the history of a national Mensa!

Annual Asian-Pacific Mensa Meeting 2018

Almost one hundred and fifty Mensans from eighteen countries met for the Asian Mensa Annual Gathering (now known as the 'Asia-Pacific' Annual Gathering) in Cebu in the Philippine Islands earlier this month.


It's time for cheers and some celebration — the Mensa Foundation is proud to announce the 179 local, regional, national, and international scholarships awarded in 2018, with a combined value of more than $130,000.

Mensa Korea celebrates 20 years

We are very happy to announce that Mensa Korea celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
Mensa Korea was founded in Seoul in 1998 with very few members, and now we are proud to have over 2,500 Mensans.


This weekend Mensa in Mexico held the award ceremony of theirLogical Olympics. It was held at the Arts Museum of the public university and as part of the program of the awards ceremony attendees were given a guided 'tour' of a famous local painting within the museum.

Former Australian Mensa Chairman honoured by country

One of the first Chairmen in Australian Mensa was Melbourne Mensan Jeff Whittle. This year Jeff has been honoured in the Australia Day Honours as an Officer (AO) in the Order of Australia, for services to the information technology and mining industries.


The Logical Olympiad Competition organised and co-ordinated by Mensa in the Czech Republic has had an astounding 61,000 entrants this year from schools throughout the nationa!


In a little over six weeks, Mensa China will be celebrating the Western New Year's Eve with Mensans from around the world. 

Mensan nominated for International Prize

Mensan Dr Ranko Rajovic was nominated by Mensa International for the Yidan prize earlier this year. With his years-long engagement and NTC system implementation in kindergartens and schools, he positively affects the work of kindergarten teachers, school teachers and pupils’ achievements.

The Mensa International Photographer of the Year

The Mensa International Photographer of the Year 2017 is Dag Thrane, from Mensa Norway, with his entry "Border Wall".

 In second place came Christian von Wechmar, from South Africa,  with Ranko Durovic from Serbia a close third.

Asian Mensa AG Kids Conference

An AMAG Kids' Conference ran concurrently with the Asian Mensa Annual Gathering held on Australia's Gold Coast earlier this month.

Visit a Naval Base with Mensa

Would you like to visit the only Naval Base in Ireland and the Irish Naval Service? There's a proper Mensa event set up for it, you'll find it in your November Mensa Magazine, first event of a solid weekend of events at Think@Cobh;


Today marks the beginning of a new term of office for the Executive Committee of Mensa International.

Bibiána Balanyi, of Hungary, retains the office of International Chairman for a second term.


We are happy to announce that Mensa Montenegro has become Full National Mensa.

A new colour around the big international table!


Results of the 2017 American Mensa election have been tabulated and reported. The following candidates have been declared elected and referenda declared approved by the Election Committee:


Mensa International Positions/Committees Open for Appointment in 2017


Today we congratulate the members and the board of Mensa Bosnia and Herzegovina

They have just been recognized by ExComm as an Emerging Mensa, after having accomplished all the requirements. 


Hotel Crowne Plaza Palace, Brussels

Saturday 19 of November 2016

from 8h15 to 19h45

2016 marks 50 years of the creation of Mensa Belgium and 70 years of Mensa International.


Mensa Indonesia is currently celebrating its 25th birthday with a huge national gathering.

Congratulations to all Indonesian members for 25 years of growth and development. We hope the next twenty-five years will be as fruitful!



This year’s gathering had participation from every Asian country Korea (7), Japan (6), Singapore (7), Indonesia (7), Malaysia (7), Australia (5), Philippines (2), Hong Kong (4), and host country China (67).  From the rest of the world, we also had visiting members from U.S.

Stamp of approval for 70th anniversary

Anniversary celebrations for the world’s oldest high IQ society have been given an official “stamp” of approval.

Mensa, which was formed in England on October 1, 1946, celebrates its 70th anniversary on Saturday.

Two New National Mensas

During the ExComm meeting in May, it was acknowledged that both Romania and Slovenia had fulfilled all the requirements necessary to become full national Mensas (FNMs).
Congratulations to both countries. Each will now have a seat on the International Board of Directors.

Rogue domain

Our domain has been kidnaped by an expelled member that went rogue. 

Our email isn't working and our website is;

Please contact me: [email protected]

Celebrate 70 years of Mensa in style!

To celebrate Mensa’s 70th anniversary in 2016, two new special commemorative products were launched at the British Mensa annual gathering in Scotland.

Hungarian Lady to Lead Mensa

As of July 2015, a Hungarian lady is to chair Mensa International, the society which brings together the most intelligent people of the world, with over 130,000 members worldwide. Bibiána Balanyi (42) will serve as Chair of Mensa International for two years, until 2017.

Now #thatsclever!

To mark Mensa’s 68th birthday on October 1, British Mensa will be celebrating International Intelligence Day by taking to social media to promote all things clever.

Join in using the hashtag #thatsclever to tell us what or who you think epitomises cleverness.


Benjamin Tardif has been appointed President of Mensa France by its Board of Directors. Karine Nzeutem will act as his proxy on the International Board of Directors.

200 Ms gathering in Sweden this weekend!

If you have nothing planned for this weekend, pop over to Orebro, where approximately 200 Ms will be attending the Swedish Annuarl Gathering. Starts May 30, finishes June 2.

Mensa is 67 today!

Today is the anniversary of the founding of Mensa!

The society was founded in Oxford, England on 1 October 1946, by Roland Berrill and Lance Ware after they met by chance on a train.

Happy birthday to Mensans everywhere!

Website may be off-line tomorrow

Please note that the Mensa web site is expected to be unavailable from around 13:00 – 15:00 GMT on Wednesday September 4th during the server move.

Mensa International refutes recent press stories

Mensa International, the international High IQ organisation, would like it to be known that it does not issue lists of Mensa members to the Press or outside Mensa, nor disclose individual IQ scores to anyone.

Online Moodle vs Chamilo debate

On Sunday 3rd of March, at 10 hrs Mexico City time (16:00 hrs UTC / GMT),  Mensa Mexico will host an online debate focused on which platform to choose to use online learning purposes: Moodle or Chamilo.

Happy Birthday Mensa!

Today is the 66th anniversary of the founding of Mensa!

All around the world national groups are celebrating with special testing days, lectures, events and activities. Why not check out what your national group is doing.

Exotic Locale for 2012 AMAG

Beautiful, exotic Bali, one of the 30,000 islands in the Republic of Indonesia, hosted the second Asian Mensas Annual Gathering (AMAG) 21-23 September.

Mensa Academy Is Out Now!

The Mensa Academy console game launched today on the Nintendo® Wii™ and 3DS™, and Windows PC platforms.

Mensa Greece has something to celebrate!

Members of Mensa Greece have something to celebrate as the group has now been formally recognised as a Full National Mensa by Mensa International.

To achieve this status, Mensa Greece had to fulfill all the requirements set by Mensa International, worked for over a number of years. 

Bali to host Asian Mensa Gathering 2012

Applying brainpower to the problems of poverty is the main theme of the Asian Mensa Gathering conference, to be held in Bali, Indonesia from 21-23 September 2012.

Late Breaking News About LEAP!

During the last hour of the deadline day of 15 March, the 26th applicant to the Leadership Exchange Ambassador Program (LEAP) for 2012 submitted her application. She is from Mensa China.

Mensa Germany makes history

After achieving a milestone 10,000 members, Mensa Germany's chairman has become only the third national chairman in the society's history to take a seat on the Executive Committee of Mensa International. 

Mensa duo elected to GTVoice Board

GTVoice was set up as a network for individuals and organisations with an interest in gifted and talented education in the UK. The network began as a reaction to the reduction of funding provided by the government in the UK for gifted and talented education.

Mensa is 65 on 1st October - how Brilliant is that?

Mensa was founded in Oxford, England on 1st October, 1946.  

In some countries, Silver (25 years), Gold (50) and Diamond (60) anniversaries are perhaps better known than the 65th Brilliant anniversary - but how could Mensa ignore its own Brilliant anniversary?

International election results declared


Only one valid nomination for each officer’s post was received by the International Election Committee by the deadline.

Mensa 'App' launched for Apple iPhones & iPad

The Mensa Brain Test provides genuine Mensa questions of the variety used in official Mensa test papers.

It has been bought out under license to Mensa International, American Mensa and British Mensa by Barnstorm Games. 

EMAG in Prague a triumph!

The third European Mensa Annual Gathering - EMAG - in Prague was a tremendous success!  Around 430 participants from 30 countries and four continents enjoyed some 140 activities over five days - a triumph for the organisers from Mensa Czech Republic, led by chairman Tomas Blumenstein.