Group Information

Year of Foundation: 2011

Members: 450+

Country: China


Mensa China is currently operating under the control of Mensa International, and its members are, therefore, all Direct International Members. The name “Mensa” and its logo are used in China under the authority of the legal owners of the name and logo “Mensa International” and “Mensa International Limited”.

Mensa China was established in 2011 and currently has more than 460 members in mainland China. They come from different fields of work, such as corporate management, engineers, actors, athletes, etc., and one of their common characteristics is high intelligence. After joining Mensa, you will be able to meet high IQ people from all walks of life, enjoy membership benefits, and participate in various activities organized by Mensa. Mensa China provides a platform for members to exchange ideas and share wisdom. Now there is an office in Guangzhou, and there are test sites in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou (suspended registration) and Chengdu (open registration).

Contact Information

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Annual Membership Fee

Families: -

Single: 500 RMB

Student: -

Pupil: -

Supervised Test Fee

300 RMB


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