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Group Information

Year of Foundation:


Members: 4700+


Dr. Katalin Kovács



Age of admission:



The Hungarian branch of Mensa was founded in 1993. At the moment we have 4700+ members, constantly on the rise. We are a very active group with a busy schedule of events, especially in Budapest. Hungarian Mensans keep in touch via mailing lists, in our ’members only’ Facebook group which hosts around half of all the members, and face-to-face meetings.

Annual Membership Fee

Single: 12000 HUF

Families: parents of children under 3 years: 6000 HUF

Student: 6000 HUF (<24yrs)

Pupil: Senior fee: (>65yrs) 6000 HUF; Outside Pest county: 8400 HUF, 10% discount (max. 30%) after each 5 years of continued membership