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Members: 1100+


Aleksandra Borović




Mensa Yugoslavia was officially founded on 16th December 1989 in Zagreb, although the first tests were held in Belgrade in September 1988. In 1989 and 1990 tests were administered in the bigger cities of the Former Yugoslavia (Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Novi Sad and again Belgrade). At that time Mensa Yugoslavia had around 1100 members and was Europe`s fourth in the number of members.

In 2004 the organization was renamed into Mensa Serbia & Montenegro. The year 2005 brough a great success to Mensa Serbia & Montenegro. During that year the number of members increased from 700 to over 1000, which brought us the right to have two votes in the Board of Directors of Mensa International. Ever since than the number of members and of activities is increasing premanently. By the end of 2006, Mensa SCG had over 1300 members. Its name has changed into Mensa Serbia in 2007

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