Taiwan (ROC) (Chinese Taipei)


Group Information

Members: 300+

Country: Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)


Mensa Taiwan started by a group of members who wished to hold a society for Mensans in Taiwan, and build a talented child’s education friendly environment for the future generation. The group started at 2014 and became an official Mensa at 2019 founded by Jizhen Ho.

The first official tests were held in Taipei in 2015, which also provide gatherings every month in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.

It started with 7 official members in 2014 and using an official test center, it has grown to more than 450 people who passed the test in 2019.

Contact Information

Annual Membership Fee

Families: -

Single: 20 GBP (currently payable to MIL)

Student: -

Pupil: -

Supervised Test Fee

1800 NTD

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