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Congratulations to Mensa Peru - the 1st new Provisional National Mensa of 2021

Congratulations to Mensa Peru on becoming a Provisional National Mensa!

Their achievement is all the more impressive as it is less than a year since they achieved Emerging National Mensa status.

Mensa Peru was created in March 2017, after Executive Director Michael Feenan visited Chairman Pierrick Labbe and his then small group of budding Mensans to offer guidance and support.

Now, nearly four years later, Mensa Peru has more than 130 members, and Director of Development Bibiána Balanyi has described Mensa Peru as a ‘model for any group’.  

Among the many reasons for Mensa Peru’s success, Pierrick has highlighted the enthusiasm of the group and the different communication strategies they have implemented, which include using a wide range of digital and print media platforms, holding public conferences and working with universities, in addition to initiating programs to support members in their social, intellectual and personal development – indeed, a model for any aspiring national Mensa group to follow.

Congratulations again to Mensa Peru – the first of what will surely be a year of many more national Mensa good news stories.

Floreat Mensa!