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Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina Achieves Provisional National Mensa Status

Congratulations to Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina! 

We are delighted to announce the wonderful news that our Executive Committee has formally awarded Provisional National Mensa (PNM) status to Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Activities and testing began in Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2005. They were given support in their early stages by Mensa Serbia, but became self-standing and increasingly active thereafter, achieving Emerging National Mensa (ENM) status in 2017. In just three short years, and despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic this year, Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina has successfully achieved its aim of gaining PNM status.

Led from the front by Chair Maja Ilic, Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina has developed an impressive array of programmes and activities, with quizzers, escape room enthusiasts, and karaoke kings and queens among its diverse, committed membership.

We fully expect Mensa Bosnia & Herzegovina to continue its inspiring journey all the way to Full National Mensa (FNM) status in the near future.

Once again, Congratulations!

Floreat Mensa!