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Mensa Brazil Election Results

Mensa Brazil electoral process, started on October 19, 2017, has come to an end. Election outcome was informed to members in December 27, with the slates for both the Executive Board and the Controllership running unopposed.

With the new Statute, approved at the AG 2017 in Brasília and in full compliance with Mensa International and local laws, the governing body is now called Executive Board, and the number of 10 members is maintained. In the place of the former representatives, six members are now called 'directors', and the previous nomenclature is maintained for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The novelty is the Controllership Office, which is now composed of 4 names: auditor and ombudsman, with their respective alternates.

Two of the newly elected member are also part of Mensa International Commitees, with Carlos (Cadu) Fonseca as part of the Marketing and Product Advisory Committee and Simone Vollbrecht as member of the Name, Logo and Licensing Committee.

Executive Board President: Carlos (Cadu) Fonseca Vice-President: Joao HallageTreasurer: Guilherme Barbosa Secretary: Marina Couto Directors: Alexey Dodsworth, Anna Kamilla MachAntonio IntiniIsabelle ArkanSimone Vollbrecht and Thiago Salinas

Controllership Ombudsman: Edmundo Emerson of Medeiros Alternate Ombudsman: Danilo Figueiredo de Oliveira Auditor: Vitor Péricles de Carvalho Alternate Auditor: Caleb Silva