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Mensa groups gear up for Intelligence Day

Mensa will be offering IQ tests all over the world to mark 'Intelligence Day' on October 1st - the anniversary of Mensa's founding.  

Last year, Mensa Brilliant marked Mensa's 65th anniversary with numerous events in 160 cities, while 28 groups offered IQ tests, lectures, workshops, cultural and culinary events.

Fifteen Mensa groups have already declared their participation for 2012: Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Serbia, South Africa and Switzerland and Paris (France) has already started organizing national and local events. IQ tests and supporting programs focus on the weekends around Mensa’s birthday.

Some groups offer discounts or other specials for Intelligence Day. In Germany, test participants will get a free voucher to invite a friend. 

To keep up to date, please see This page will be continuously updated with event details.

Isabella Holz, International Coordinator for Intelligence Day

Test enquiries: Please contact your local national Mensa group.

Press enquiries: Please email intelligenceday @ mensa. org