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Mensa Taiwan becomes a Full National Mensa

Congratulations – yet again – to Mensa Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)!

We are very happy to announce that our Executive Committee has formally awarded Full National Mensa status to Mensa Taiwan, just 2 short months since they became a Provisional National Mensa!

We fully expected Mensa Taiwan to reach the FNM milestone sooner rather than later, but maybe not as soon as this! And they have exceeded expectations in other ways too, managing to boost their membership numbers yet again to 535, an increase of 75 since August.

Mensa Taiwan’s enthusiasm and commitment has never wavered, ever since they began group activities back in 2014. Led by their energetic chairman, Jizhen ‘Jin’ Ho, they have always been eager to ask questions and learn, to take advice and to comply with the Minimum Standard Constitutional Requirements (MSCRs). In fact, their overall professional and thorough approach is an inspiring example for other national Mensa organisations to follow. We are sure they would be only too happy to offer useful advice and support to other aspiring national groups, wherever they might currently be on their exciting Mensa journeys.  

Once again, Congratulations to our newest Full National Mensa – Mensa Taiwan.

Floreat Mensa!