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Mensan nominated for International Prize

Mensan nominated for International Prize

31 October 2017

Mensan Dr Ranko Rajovic was nominated by Mensa International for the Yidan prize earlier this year. With his years-long engagement and NTC system implementation in kindergartens and schools, he positively affects the work of kindergarten teachers, school teachers and pupils’ achievements. He will surely continue to do so on a larger /international scale, if offered adequate support. The author of the program is a lecturer at the Faculty of Education in Koper, Slovenia and a visiting lecturer at six universities. Ranko is UNICEF associate for early childhood education, member of the Gifted Children Committee of Mensa International. He is the author of several books published in 7 countries. He has actively participated in over 20 international conferences, mainly as a keynote speaker. Several EU projects (IPA CBC, Erasmus Plus) based on the NTC Program have been conducted (UK - Slovenia, Croatia - Montenegro and Serbia - Romania). Ranko was a team member of the IPA CBC projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro, Croatia; and of the Early Detection and Stimulation of Children with Special Education Needs project of UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska.

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