2020 Mensa Foundation International Scholarship Winners

2020 Mensa Foundation International Scholarship Winners

27 Jun 20

The Mensa Foundation is proud to announce its 2020 Mensa International Scholarship Winners:

USD $3,000 International Scholarship - Niki Stypidou from Mensa Greece

USD $1,000 International Scholarship - Simon Hai Yang from Mensa Germany

USD $1,000 International Scholarship - Aisha Safia Jamal from Mensa India

USD $1,000 International Scholarship - Tadija Miletic from Mensa Serbia

USD $1,000 Ed Vincent Scholarship - Viola Taubmann from Mensa Germany

Scholarship monies are funded by Mensa International and a kind donation from Mensa Switzerland allowed this year's normal USD $2,000 prize to be increased to USD $3,000. Any Mensans, and Mensa groups, are welcome to donate money to the Mensa Foundation towards increasing the value of future international scholarships.

Any non-American Mensa student pursuing university studies is eligible to apply for these scholarships each year. Details can be found at https://www.mensafoundation.org/what-we-do/scholarships/

I would like to thank the international Mensa judging panel. Our 2020 judges are Elissa Rudolph (American Mensa) Cadu Fonseca (Mensa Brazil), Ann Rootkin (British Mensa), Delma Murray (Mensa Canada), Andreas Athanasakis (Mensa Greece), Zabeda Abdul Hamid (Mensa Malaysia), Cinthia Reyes (Mensa Mexico), Willem Bouwens (Mensa Netherlands), Jacek Cywinski (Mensa New Zealand), Aleksandra Borovic (Mensa Serbia),


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