BEWARE - is a fraud!

BEWARE - is a fraud!

17 May 16

The internet makes it very easy for 'imposters' to give the impression that they represent Mensa when they are not in any way connected to us.

One such site is We wish to make it very clear that this site is notconnected to Mensa and taking this test does not qualify anyone for membership of Mensa.  There are currently no on-line IQ tests that will entitle people to become members of Mensa.  The only way of qualifying for membership of Mensa is to reach a qualifying score on a supervised, standardized test organised by a national Mensa or on a recognised qualifying test administered by a psychologist.

Mensa International and many official national Mensa websites do contain practice or 'fun' tests that will give an indication whether you are likely to qualify if you apply to take an official test by applying to a national Mensa.


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