British Mensa gets youngest ever member

British Mensa gets youngest ever member

30 Jul 09

British Mensa welcomed Elise Tan-Roberts to Mensa in April, and at 2 years and 4 months she became Mensa’s youngest ever member. 

Elise, from London, was assessed by Child Psychologist Professor Joan Freeman who has worked with gifted children since the mid-1970s. As Mensa can only test people over the age of ten and a half Elise was accepted via a prior evidence application which confirmed that her IQ score is within the top two percent of the population.  

Previously Georgia Brown had been the youngest girl joining in 2007 at the age of 1041 days, with the youngest boy being Ben Woods who joined Mensa in the 1990s aged 1035 days. As Elise was aged 845 days when joining she became British Mensa’s youngest ever member.

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