EMAG in Prague a triumph!

EMAG in Prague a triumph!

05 Aug 10

The third European Mensa Annual Gathering - EMAG - in Prague was a tremendous success!  Around 430 participants from 30 countries and four continents enjoyed some 140 activities over five days - a triumph for the organisers from Mensa Czech Republic, led by chairman Tomas Blumenstein. 

Members enjoyed a wide variety of events, lectures, activities, workshops and sightseeing in this stunningly beautiful city.  The conference centre was perfectly situated by the river and overlooking the renowned Charles Bridge - a splendid location.  All the organising committee of 60 members must be commended for giving everyone such a great experience!   

The language of international Mensa is English, so all EMAG lectures, guided tours and events were given in English.  However, participants were able to practice their languages with each other, from Cantonese and Swedish to German, Spanish and Italian.

Next year the EMAG will be in Metz, France and we look forward to welcoming members from even more locations around the world.

Non-member partners and friends are welcome as guests of members at nearly all Mensa events.  If you are interested in taking the supervised test and coming along in your own right, contact your national Mensa group - see the National Groups tab for details and contacts.


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