Gifted Youth Contest

Gifted Youth Contest

06 Sep 21

The Mensa International Gifted Youth Committee is developing a resources repository that can be shared between national Mensa groups. It can include any and all activities that you've found to be interesting and engaging, or ideas you've created that you'd like to be tested by other groups. 

So, please let us know what kind of activities you've been doing in your national Mensas with your gifted children and young people. Which events have been the most enjoyable and rewarding? Photo contest? Poetry night? Painting with acrylics?

Awards will be provided to participating groups for the highest number of resources contributed and for the highest quality entries.

So, let's get going! Check out our Gifted Youth Contest page and click on the yellow button to submit your entries. Deadline: 30th November 2021

New Mensa Gifted Youth page

You can discover more about all the inspriring GY progams happening around the world on our new Mensa Gifted Youth page.


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