Japan Mensa granted Full National Mensa status

Japan Mensa granted Full National Mensa status

23 Sep 11

Mensa International's Director of Development Bibiana Balanyi, has announced that Japan Mensa has been granted Full National Mensa status. 

Congratulatiing the group, she said: "The volunteers of Japan Mensa did a great job and now their tremendous work has been rewarded. I am convinced that Japan Mensa will continue to grow and develop. It has been a particular pleasure for me to assist the group - Hisashi, Tsukasa, Naotaka and others - in their development work as they were the very first group I could help in my capacity as Director of Development. That is why I am a little bit more affected seeing this achievement."

Japan Mensa will take a seat at the table of the International Board of Directors meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria in October.

There are now 29 National Mensa groups with Full National Mensa status.

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