Mensa International's new website goes live

Mensa International's new website goes live

17 Mar 10

A message from the Chair of Mensa International

Welcome to the new website of Mensa International ! It is a small step for Mensa, but a giant leap for the Mensa Community. This website is not just a new external website. This new website offers exciting opportunities for all the Mensa members on this globe, all 112,000+ members. Mensa International is there to provide service to members that cannot be offered by a single national Mensa. The design, build and testing was done by a multinational and multicultural team that worked together in an inspiring setting, it was a true international team effort. A promising setting for the planned enhancements, to be build the coming years. The new website will become a global communication platform, and in the future there will be a facility to support communication in several languages. I would like to thank all the team members who contributed to this success.

Willem Bouwens


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