Now #thatsclever!

Now #thatsclever!

30 Sep 14

To mark Mensa’s 68th birthday on October 1, British Mensa will be celebrating International Intelligence Day by taking to social media to promote all things clever.

Join in using the hashtag #thatsclever to tell us what or who you think epitomises cleverness.

It doesn’t have to be highbrow or intellectual - although if you want to tweet Einstein’s theories that’s great – but we want to see your photos and videos to get our fun campaign on a roll.

It could be cutting-edge architecture, a particularly practical gadget, or a new trick your pet dog has mastered – anything goes.

The best examples will receive a highly sought-after prize of a #thatsclever T-shirt - so don’t forget to use the hashtag when you post your ideas on Twitter or direct to the British Mensa Facebook page.

We will be rounding up the submissions regularly and posting them in a gallery on the British Mensa website here

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