03 Nov 16

Logical Olympics organized by Mensa Czech

Logical Olympics is a competition in logic tasks intended for children and young people from all over the Czech Republic. The idea of a competition for schoolkids was born 9 years ago and since then, there has been a steady increase of young competitors. The aim of the competition was to introduce children to logic; to identify hidden talents and to boost the general image of Mensa in the Czech Republic.

Unlike various mathematical or knowledge-based competitions, the Logical Olympics is based solely on the participants’ ability to think logically. The tasks are based on general principles, and no special knowledge is required to solve them; the only prerequisite is common sense, along with logical and correct judgment. As the Logical Olympics is not a knowledge-based competition, even pupils who do not have much success in traditional school subjects can stand out. To identify giftedness at a very early age, new age categories for preschool children with non-verbal tasks were introduced in 2015.

The competition, supported by sponsors, the Ministry of Education and by regional authorities, and with assisted by the contribution of almost Mensa 200 volunteers, is composed of three rounds. In 2016, a total of 61,451 students from 2,902 schools were registered. The final round will take place at the Prague Castle on November 28, with the top 195 contestants.




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