Group Information

Year of Foundation: 1983

Members: 1800+

Country: Italy


Almost 40 years since the Mensa Foundation, a meeting is held in Rome between a group of Italian members of the Mensa Internazionale, which give life to the Mensa Italia. Among these Menotti Cossu , Enrico Mariani , Donato Bramanti , Renato Zaccaria and Carlo Degli Esposti (deceased in 2000) founded, with a memorandum of 29 June 1983, the Italian Association and become, together with Tilde Marinetti , Francesco Pinto and Guido Sabbatini , the first board of directors.

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Annual Membership Fee

Families: 20% Discount

Single: 40 EUR

Student: 20 EUR

Pupil: -

Supervised Test Fee

10 EUR


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