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How does Mensa benefit society? Through the Mensa Foundation. An investment in the Foundation is an investment in intelligence. Foundation gifts are channeled directly into its mission of providing scholarships, promoting research, championing gifted youth, and empowering educators.

The Mensa Foundation has the unique charge of inspiring and empowering intellectual giftedness for the benefit of society.

Mensans understand and value the teachers, and we understand the importance of being challenged, of reaching potential, and of celebrating achievements. And many Mensans have dedicated their lifetimes to helping others. The Foundation celebrates and applauds these discoveries and ideas, which change lives.

The work of the Foundation matters because it encourages education, exploration, and dedication to causes that will matter not just today but for generations. That work falls within four main areas: scholarships, gifted youth and educational outreach, research, and awards.

Please consider donating your time or financial resources to this essential work.

You can visit Mensa Foundation's website here.


Published by the Mensa Foundation, the Mensa Research Journal highlights scholarly articles and recent research related to intelligence from a diverse selection of international authors. It includes relevant and timely research, specially curated for Mensans. Recent issues have looked at:

  • The connection between human and artificial intelligence
  • The theory of multiple intelligences
  • Insights into math and IQ


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