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Mensa Germany makes history

After achieving a milestone 10,000 members, Mensa Germany's chairman has become only the third national chairman in the society's history to take a seat on the Executive Committee of Mensa International. 

The ExComm will now include five international elected officers and national representatives from American Mensa, British Mensa and Mensa Germany. 

Matthias Moehl, chairman of Mensa Germany (MinD), has already assumed his role.

Announcing the expansion, Mensa International chairman Willem Bouwens said: "I am proud to announce a new milestone in the development and growth of Mensa. Mensa Germany has passed the 10,000 member limit!  Congratulations to the Board and to the hundreds of volunteers of Mensa Germany who have contributed to this success!

"Mensa Germany has demonstrated a steady growth over the past years, and not only in the number of members. Their contribution to putting ‘profound giftedness’ on the agenda has been considerable; they have stimulated research into exceptional giftedness, and there has also been an enormous increase in the number of activities they offer their members. Mensa Germany has also been a "binding" party in the increasing cooperation between national Mensas in Europe (as have other national Mensas) and has invited representatives of neighbouring countries to attend their "volunteer development weekend" - an initiative which has led to similar enterprises in other countries.

"By reaching this milestone, Mensa Germany will have two National Representatives on the IBD; chairman Matthias Moehl will continue to be a NatRep and we welcome Martin Weiss as the second representative of Mensa Germany. 

"Mensa Germany will also be a new permanent member of the Executive Committee (ExComm) of Mensa International.   Congratulations Mensa Germany – you’re on your way to the next milestone!"


Matthias Moehl, chairman of Mensa Germany said, "Many thanks to our hard working and passionate volunteers, many thanks to our professional staff and of course many thanks to the members who spread the news of a social club where highly intelligent people feel at home. Thus we were able to grow from just over 5,000 to 10,000 members in four and a half years. This is a moment of great joy for Mensa Germany."  

Matthias added, "We would like to share this moment with all Mensas worldwide. We enjoy being part of an international network and look forward to learning from each other and to many meetings to come."