Mensa Mexico has achieved Full National Status

Mensa Mexico has achieved Full National Status

01 Apr 20

I can report another wonderful achievement: we will extend the IBD table by one chair. After being a Provisional Mensa for quite a long time, Mensa Mexico has achieved Full National Status!

Our Executive Director Michael Feenan has checked the application materials of Mensa Mexico against the requirements of ASIE 06-21, and following the result, ExComm  unanimously approved Mexico’s recognition as a Full National Mensa.

This achievement is the result of the diligent work of many volunteers, and the concerted efforts of former chair Ilsa Ruiz, current chair, Guillermo Vázquez and their devoted helper, ex-chair Cinthia Reyes.

I am particularly happy about this achievement as this is another parabolic story. Mexico became an Emerging, then Provisional Mensa chaired by Cinthia, while I was Director of Development. Now, I can witness their attaining full status.

Mexico started its activities in 2008, became an ENM in 2008 and a  PNM in 2010. It has 370 active members and a great potential to grow.

Congratulations to everyone who made that happen!

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