17 Feb 17

Today we congratulate the members and the board of Mensa Bosnia and Herzegovina

They have just been recognized by ExComm as an Emerging Mensa, after having accomplished all the requirements. 

In the light of their recent progress in organisation and membership, we should not be surprised if they reach Provisional and eventually Full National Mensa status before long.

Some background: Mensa International is organized in the form of a federation of independent national groups. But where do new groups come from? It starts with a few members, and with enough testing, the group will grow, under guidance from Mensa International and sometimes other more established groups. A national chapter is more than just a number of members though. There are certain conditions that all groups must meet in order to be reconized. 

Emerging Mensa is the first level. At this stage, all the members are still Direct International Members of Mensa, but we lot the country handle the administration itself. There must be monthly social gatherings, a newsletter, at least 50 members and various other criteria.

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