Activities Around the World: The Race for Giftedness

by Pablo Bárzena, Mensa Spain

The Race for Giftedness (Carrera por las Altas Capacidades) started in a SIG named THINKGIE, where we try to encourage projects and ideas for Mensa’s objectives.
Proposed by Jose Luis Blanco, Pablo Bárzena joined him from the beginning to push the project and for the second edition, we recruited Victor.
We did a first edition only for members, then a second one open for everyone where we got around 400 euros for a project with gifted children, and finally a third one, in which we earned around 1000 euros for an association for the gifted. In this last one we even had two sponsors, Divers and Best Protein.
The organizations benefited are Áurega (A Coruña) and PAFYD (Catalunya).

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