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Mensa IQ Challenge

This challenge involves trying to solve 35 puzzles within 25 minutes. The puzzles get progressively difficult as you move through the test. 

Please note that this particular challenge is actually pretty tough! At the end of the test, if you don’t get a score of 100 or more, the automated answer will say, “Your score lies outside the range that the test is currently able to measure”. 

Please also note that it’s common to get different scores on IQ tests, even if it’s the same test taken at different times. There are many reasons for this, like how you’re feeling that day — tired, hungry, or in a certain mood. 

Of course you can take the practice test as many times as you want. Good luck!

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This Mensa IQ Challenge is provided for entertainment purposes only, and your score will not qualify you for Mensa.

If you’re pleased with your score, you might want to consider taking a properly administered and supervised IQ test.

If so, please get in touch with your local Mensa office (or contact Mensa International if your country isn’t on this list).

Of course your local Mensa organisation may have similar practice tests available in your first language. Why not contact them and find out?

The engine supports multiple languages, which are selected according your browser’s preference(s). Currently supported languages are as follows: English, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified Chinese language versions), French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, North Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, and Spanish.


This Mensa IQ Challenge


Mensa International (MI) would like to thank Olav Hoel Dørum (creator of the test questions and scoring), Tedd Hansen (developer of the test engine and web pages), and Eivind Olsen (MI Director of Development and former Chair of Mensa Norway) for granting us permission to use their online practice IQ test.


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