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What does “MENSA” mean?

“Mensa” means “table” in Latin, and the organisation was so named because Mensa is a round-table society where ethnicity, colour, creed, national origin, age, politics, educational and social background are all completely irrelevant. In fact, the only relevant qualification for membership is scoring within the upper 2% of the general population on an approved intelligence test.

Mensa takes no stand on politics, religion or social issues, and it has members from so many different countries and cultures, each with differing points of view; so, for Mensa to espouse a particular point of view would go against its role as a forum for ALL points of view.

Mensa History

Mensa in 2024

The worldwide membership of Mensa currently stands at around 150,000. There are established Mensa organisations in almost 50 countries, with membership totals ranging from a few hundred to nearly 50,000 in the case of American Mensa. There are active Mensa organisations on every continent except Antarctica.

Direct International Members

Although most members of Mensa belong to a national Mensa organisation, some people reside in a country where there is not yet a formally recognised Mensa group. 

These individuals are known as Direct International Members

As with national Mensa organisations, there are Direct International Members in almost 50 countries worldwide. The number of people in each Direct International Member country varies from 1 to 100+. 

If you want to become a Mensa member but can’t find your country here, please contact us to find out how you can become a Direct International Member of Mensa. 

As soon as you’ve passed a Mensa-approved examination and provided us with proof of your test score, we’ll set you up with a Direct International Membership account, and we’ll explain how you can access and benefit from the various services that Mensa International has to offer.


The three stated purposes of Mensa are always the same

no matter where in the world your national Mensa organisation happens to be:

The Mensa Constitution

The three main purposes listed above are stated on the first page of the Constitution of Mensa, which also sets out the organisation’s infrastructure. 

The Mensa Constitution is the overarching document that governs all national Mensa groups, each of which also operates according to its own national Mensa constitution or bylaws.

Whenever a proposal is made to amend the Mensa Constitution, the worldwide membership is asked to vote for or against the change(s) via a referendum. The Mensa Constitution was last amended in 2023. 

You can view the Mensa Constitution here.


Dive into the intellectual pool:

  • Lectures & conferences
  • Discussions & debates
  • Journals, newsletters, magazines & other publications (online and physical)
  • Workshops & presentations at local, regional, national & international events & gatherings
  • Investigations of members’ opinions & attitudes using polls, surveys & other research tools
  • Assistance to researchers, both inside & outside Mensa, in projects related to intelligence or Mensa
  • Online forums & discussion boards
  • Webinars & virtual events
  • Special-interest groups focusing on various intellectually stimulating topics
  • Book clubs or reading groups for intellectual discussions
  • Online databases & resources for members to access research materials

Our members also serve as an audience for new ideas propagated by other members, providing constructive criticism and intelligent suggestions.

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Special-Interest Groups


Is there such a thing as a typical member of Mensa?

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No, there certainly isn’t! There’s no single prevailing characteristic of Mensa members, other than a high IQ – and that’s where the similarities between them end! Mensans have ranged in age from 2 to more than 100, but most are aged between 20 and 60. Among its members, Mensa has preschoolers, high school dropouts, university professors – and every level of education in between.

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And, as far as Mensans’ occupations go, the range is staggering: police officers and plumbers, truck drivers and taxidermists, manual labourers and military personnel, doctors and delivery drivers, farmers and firefighters, scientists and singers, government officials and glassblowers – the diverse list goes on and on.




Are you one of us?

There are famous Mensans and prize-winning Mensans, but the vast majority are people whose names you won’t have heard of – just ordinary people with extraordinary IQs who tend to be very curious, quick to grasp concepts, and have widely varying interests. Most Mensans have a good sense of humour, they like to talk, and they usually have a lot to say! Yes, Mensans often have strong opinions – and several of them. Indeed, it’s said that in a room with 12 Mensans, you’ll find at least 13 differing opinions on any given subject!

Many people have found their life partners through Mensa, and many more have found lifelong friends. Every Mensan has their own personal reason for joining up. There are Mensans for whom Mensa provides a sense of family, and others for whom it’s a casual social activity.

Mensa get-togethers are anything but dull!

All over the world, groups of fun-loving Mensans congregate on a regular basis for lively conversations over dinner and drinks, for intellectual discussions and debates on a diverse range of topics, and for get-togethers featuring a speaker. Some groups have activities throughout the month, some meet weekly, and others, especially the larger groups, have events nearly every day.

Of course, participation in local group activities is always entirely your choice. And you can turn up as often or as seldom as you like.

We recommend getting involved in the Mensa community scene from the get-go. It’s the quickest and most fun way to meet people and make new friends.

In order to join Mensa, you have to take an approved intelligence test - one which has been properly administered and supervised; and in that test, you need to attain a score within the upper two percent of the general population.

Attaining that required score will enable you to join a thriving global community of around 150,000 Mensans, all of whom enjoy exciting opportunities for social, cultural and intellectual stimulation.

Want to practise? Take the Mensa IQ Challenge


Taking the practice test can give you a boost of confidence before the real exam.

A world of exciting social, cultural and intellectual opportunities

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©2024 Mensa International Limited. All rights reserved.
Mensa International Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. 00848100

© 2024 Mensa International Limited. All rights reserved

Mensa International Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. 00848100


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