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Postcard from Grensa

By Charlotte (Mensa Netherlands) Grensa was a German, Belgian, and Dutch getaway weekend held March 8–10, 2024.The plan was an easy-going weekend somewhere […]

The Mensa Brazil Foundation

Mensa Brazil launches the Mensa Brazil Foundation to support educational projects and defend the rights and interests of gifted individuals across the […]

Postcard from Benin and Togo

By Jaco Louw, Nigeria Far and Bright, the latest in the family of fun recurring events for Mensans, hosted a trip to Benin […]

Postcard from Venice Carnival

By Adrian Stoicescu (Mensa Romania)  Venice, Italy, stands out as a quintessential travel destination, celebrated for its unparalleled beauty, historical depth, and […]

Focus on Mensa Italy

Focus on Mensa Italy From 16 founding members in 1983, Mensa Italia reached 500 members in 2000, thus becoming part of the […]

Postcard from The Dolomites

Review of Weekend In The Dolomites By Silvia Giordano   The first “Mensa In Quota” (at altitude) was held in Italy at the […]

Science Journal for Kids

Bo Anderson, the new Chair of the MI Gift Youth Committee, recently shared a link to a wonderful resource for teachers and […]

A Voyage Inspired by Darwin

From British Mensa’s IQ Magazine (Nov/Dec 2023) Mensa member Andrew Fox and Stewart McPherson, directors of DARWIN200, describe DARWIN200 as an extraordinary […]

Postcard from Pohorje, Slovenia

Mensa Ski Weekend in Pohorje Village, Slovenia by Anni Saloranta, Mensa Switzerland This month, I had the pleasure of joining the Mensa […]

Mensa in the News

Infobae is one of the leading news websites in Argentina, getting nearly 19 million unique visitors each month. This past Sunday, they […]

EMAG 2023 – Rotterdam

Vanessa Sauvade, Mensa France I just came back from EMAG 2023 in Rotterdam, and you know what? I had great times there! The […]

Logic Olympiad

By Marie Svatoňová The Logic Olympiad is an event organized by Mensa Czech Republic, designed for children and young individuals. This competition […]

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Mensa International Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. 00848100

© 2024 Mensa International Limited. All rights reserved

Mensa International Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. 00848100


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