EMAG 2023 – Rotterdam

Vanessa Sauvade, Mensa France

I just came back from EMAG 2023 in Rotterdam, and you know what? I had great times there!
The EMAG (European Mensa Annual Gathering) is every year at the end of July or beginning of August. This year, the event was from August 2nd through the 6th but, like usual, some members arrived before or left Rotterdam few days after. We were around 940 members. It was hosted in the WTC of Rotterdam.
It begun with the Ice Breaker (800 members) followed few days after by the Gala Dinner (800 members) and closed by the ritual Farewell Brunch (320 members). Between the two flagship activities, members could attend lectures (improving online security, green aviation, evolutionary psychology, climate change, polder model, etc.) and workshops (nail art, bachata, LGBTIQ+ meet & greet, cha-cha, decorating a Dutch wooden shoe, HIQ and procrastination, etc.), and enjoy tours and museums, escape rooms, and other fun activities such as shooting, laser games, a jigsaw competition, Segway riding, canoeing, and climbing. There was also a room open around the clock for board games and chit chat.
What I liked most was seeing my friends from all over the Europe again. The Gala Dinner was in a church and very classy. There were many activities scheduled at the same time, so there was always something to do that I liked!
See you at the 2024 EMAG in Bucharest, Romania 2024!

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