I Am Exceptional!


Exceptional, Extraordinary, Different, Special, Unique, Unusual, Unconventional Hey! That Describes Me!

Many individuals exhibit exceptional skills in specific areas, with some even demonstrating extraordinary abilities across multiple fields. If you’ve explored Is My Child Gifted?, you might have recognised similar traits in yourself – signs that could indicate that YOU are gifted. But maybe the word “gifted” sounds conceited or pretentious to you, and you’d never say such a thing about yourself – well, certainly not out loud!

Understanding Giftedness

In the realm of high IQ, “giftedness” refers to individuals who possess remarkably high intelligence or cognitive ability, placing them among the upper tiers of intellectual capability. In the specific context of Mensa, a person is classified as “gifted” if they’ve scored within the top 2% of the population on a recognised intelligence test.

It’s important to note, therefore, that the assessment of giftedness in Mensa is not based on academic achievements or accomplishments in specific fields.

Characteristics of Gifted Individuals

Those who pass the Mensa test often exhibit advanced problem-solving skills, exceptional reasoning abilities, and a talent for abstract thinking.

Gifted individuals may demonstrate extraordinary abilities across a range of intellectual domains, such as mathematics, language, logic, and spatial reasoning.

Diverse Abilities

However, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Mensan.  Some excel in spatial reasoning but struggle with writing, others might be adept painters yet find algebra challenging. There are those who can speak multiple languages fluently but may face difficulties with some science-based subjects.


Only one way to find out!

Recognising potential signs of giftedness in yourself marks an important first step.

If you’re curious to know for sure, there’s only one way to find out!

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