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PhotoCup competition

Our 20th annual PhotoCup competition will soon be underway, with members all over the world competing to be crowned “Mensa International Photographer of the Year”.

Here are some of the top photos from the last two competitions:


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Poetry competition

If words are more your kind of thing than pictures, we’ve got you covered! Our annual Poetry competition is a great chance for all our budding Mensan poets to get creative and show us what they can do.


Here’s last year’s winner: Nightsong by American Mensa member Christina Lishen.

Blue, green, sun-bleached gold;
shades of my memory stained
with streaks of copper and rust.
Breathless cicada-shrill afternoons
fade into sage-scented summer nights.
I cover myself with a blanket of stars,
Sleeping rough beneath acacia and ironwood.
The desert wakes at dusk;
Soft breezes blow as a brief caress,
Fading and returning unexpectedly
Lingering like a love long past.
Sere grasses rustle, timid creatures search
fiercely for survival.
Night birds twist against the sky;
Dancing shadows in the dark light
that hangs between earth and evening.
Leather-winged bats dart faster than the eye
can follow and an owl calls ...
just there.
Close your eyes. Breathe
mesquite smoke from a smoldering fire.
The rising heat shivers through leaves overhead.
Stillness settles with the rise of the moon
and silver washes the land;
whispering silent in the night.

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