Logic Olympiad

By Marie Svatoňová

The Logic Olympiad is an event organized by Mensa Czech Republic, designed for children and young individuals. This competition centers around the application of creative and analytical abilities in solving logical problems. Children’s ability to think independently and make quick decisions is more important than memorized knowledge. Impressively, in the previous year, over 95,000 children and young people took part in the first round of the competition. The national round took place in the Parliament of the Czech Republic.
As the next edition of the competition approaches, Mensa members were invited to contribute to the organization and generate fresh ideas for logical tasks. As always, it was great to join the Mensa Czech Republic event and spend time together with fellow Mensans. Now, all the problems we devised need to be sorted into different age groups and transformed into digital format, since the first round of the competition is online.
I am proud to be a member of Czech Mensa and to see how much effort is put into developing children’s skills. Czech Mensa’s objective is to identify and support gifted individuals, offering resources to empower all children to flourish, irrespective of their cognitive abilities.

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