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The aim of the Mensa International Charitable Foundation (MICF) is to meet the needs of intellectually gifted young people whose personal circumstances would mean that they were otherwise unable to realise their potential in life. This will be accomplished by providing support in the form of bursaries, scholarships, education, counselling, placements, training opportunities or other assistance.

Primary objectives

Primarily, but not exclusively, the MICF will be operating in countries where education and life opportunities may be very limited, and where many gifted young people may simply never have their potential realised without it being identified in the first place and then actively supported. Mensa, as an organisation, is able to offer its members and the parents of gifted children advice and access to resources to stimulate a child’s development, but its Constitution does not provide for financial assistance to gifted young people.


Getting Help

Operating independently, or alongside other charitable organisations, the Mensa International Charitable Foundation will go beyond simply identifying gifted young people and answer the question that has been asked many times by parents, which is, “So, you have tested my child and they are gifted, but what are you going to do about it?  How are you going to help?”


Main focus

Mensa International Charitable Foundation’s focus on gifted young people in underserved countries and regions will address vital needs outside the scope of the other charitable efforts within the Mensa community.

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