General Assembly of Mensa France

By Cédric Markgraf, Chairman of Mensa France
The general assembly of Mensa France took place, as tradition dictates, during the Ascension weekend in Rennes.
The General Assembly is the central event of this weekend, which also includes a meeting of the national convention and meetings of the testers, children’s correspondents, VSS delegates, and other national delegates.
Nine hours of volunteer meetings complemented the 7 hours of the General Assembly and the conference “Latest News on High Intelligence Quotient” by Nicolas Gauvrit.
During the General Assembly, the moral and financial report for 2023 were approved.
We warmly thanked Claude Deunette, who completes 19 years of dedicated service within the national committee and happily remains a volunteer for memberships and Ludété.
The 2024 budget, various statutory changes, and projects supporting research on intelligence and the reconstruction of our associative memory were approved.
The wonderful Breton organizing team (mainly Frédéric, Sylvain, Elisabeth, and Patricia) offered us city tours and visits to major museums, along with pleasant moments around well-attended and well-supplied tables.
With nearly 200 participants, I can affirm that the weekend was enriching and joyful.
In a few numbers: – 191 participants at the weekend, including 173 members. – 133 members participated in the general assembly, where 134 pages were presented and 15 votes were cast. – 134 volunteers (some counted multiple times) participated in meetings outside the General Assembly.
We also shared: 552 meals, 80 sightseeing tours, 158 museum visits, a conference with 127 attendees, and a bucolic hike with 10 participants…
Thanks to all who contributed to this weekend: Adeline, Anne-Marie, Anne-Martine, Aude, Chloé, Christophe, Claude, Cédric, Daniel, Didiers, Elisabeth, Elise, Frédéric, Gilles, Guillaume, Hélène, Isabelle, Jonathan, Katia, Marc, Margaux, Nicolas, Pascale, Patricia, Pierre-Hugo, Sabrina, Sylvain, Sylvie, Thierry, Vanessa, Yon.

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© 2024 Mensa International Limited. All rights reserved

Mensa International Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. 00848100


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