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You can join our new and exciting online Workplace (WP) community

As a member, you’ll have access to our awesome, members-only online community, Workplace, where you can introduce yourself, meet new people, chat and mingle, start and join groups, create posts about topics that are important to you, share links to interesting articles and intellectually stimulating podcasts, react to and comment on other members’ posts, and do pretty much everything else that you normally do on your other social media platforms – EXCEPT, with this one, everyone in your community has an IQ that’s in the top 2% of the population! 

So, when you join Mensa, you’ll never run out of fascinating topics to talk about or like-minded people to talk about them with.

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Mensa International has a dedicated News Team that keeps members regularly informed about a wide range of Mensa-related topics: details and reviews of events, member interviews, focused articles about national Mensas, Mensa-centric videos and articles on high IQ and intelligence, gifted youth resources, infographics, international competitions, and lots more.

Check out Our Blog to see some examples of recent Mensa News posts.


WP groups

You can join WP groups you like or start one of your own.

Here's a list of some of the existing WP groups:

Mensa World | Mensa Life | Photography | Cats | Languages of the World | Globetrotters | Anime & Comics | Pokémon Go | Philosophy | Humour | Innovation | Polymath | Space | Science News | Chess | Heavy Metal | All Things Japan | Martial Arts | Latinoamérica | Prime Numbers | Unpopular Opinions | Books & Reading | Quizzes and Puzzles | World Music | Psychology | Video Games | Movies & Series | Gifted Children | Modern Sapiens & Other Species


Actually, I remember acing an IQ test at school. 

How do I get proof of my score?

The answer to this question, and others like it, can be found on our IQ Test – FAQs page.

For further information, don’t forget that you can always get in touch with your local Mensa organisation, or contact Mensa International if you live in a country that doesn’t yet have a national Mensa group.

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